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Body Armor & Tactical Gear Austin

Extant Armor is one of the leading providers of body armor and tactical gear in Austin. We have become the most trusted source for body armors because of our ability to deliver products that suit the specific requirements of our customers. Our ballistic armor fulfills the industry standards and exceeds customers’ expectations. Due to the ever-increasing crime rate and other threats, we believe in making body armor accessible for everyone. We provide a complete range of body armor such as ballistic vests, armor plates, helmets, and more to help you avoid serious injuries. The days when body armor was only used by soldiers and police officers are long gone. Today everyone not only the elites or those working in war zones need high-level security.

Our ballistic vests and tactical body armor are developed and tested by professionals who possess years of experience in the field. We perform lab and field testing before making products available for sale to ensure that you get the best protection. When wearing our body armor, you can be assured of the quality, comfort, and intuitive design of the product. However, to get the highest protection, it is important to first carefully understand your threat level. Our experts can help you assess your protection needs and choose a product that properly fits your body and ensure your safety. Our products are tested for strength, mobility, and climactic durability to perform in the most adverse conditions. The products we offer are not only precisely designed but also reasonably priced. We aim to provide body armor in Austin at the most competitive prices to make ballistic protection affordable for everyone.


Hard & Soft Body Armor Austin

We offer hard and soft ballistic armor such as ballistic shields, backpacks, helmets, vests, and more to suit a variety of applications. These products are manufactured using the latest technology and industry-approved materials to become bullet-roof. Our body armors are best suited to protect against ballistic threats, as well as knife attacks. We are renowned for our leading-edge product design and the most cost-effective armor solutions. Our products are designed by experts who combine the latest materials with advanced technology to produce one of the lightest vests and armor plates that offer maximum ballistic performance. We offer concealable vests that provide front and back protection. These ballistic vests are lightweight and offer a high degree of comfort and mobility. So, if you’re looking for concealable protection, we have the perfect solution for you.

At Extant Armor, we also provide protective helmets to help you prevent fatal head injuries. The ballistic plates and helmets can protect the head and body from the harmful effects of shock and fragments. For individuals working in dangerous conditions, we offer tactical armor vests that safeguard the front, back, and side to provide full torso coverage. We can also help you find add-on inserts to achieve the highest level of protection. So, whether you’re a police officer, security personnel, or a civilian, we offer body armor of different threat levels to meet all your personal safety needs.

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