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Body Armor & Tactical Gear Ft. Worth

At Extant Armor, we aim to offer body armor for both men and women at reasonable prices. As the leading manufacturer of body armor in Ft. Worth, we make comfortable, sturdy, combat-ready body armor. We produce ballistic vests, armor plates, helmets, and other tactical gear for a diverse client base. We design and manufacture high-performance body armor for military, government, and law enforcement agencies, as well as civilians. We utilize market-leading ballistic technologies to deliver custom armor solutions for our customers. Our team is constantly engaged in developing tactical products based on the specific needs of our customers and evolving industry specifications. We keep improving our manufacturing processes to create products that deliver top quality under budget. We stay up-to-date with all the latest innovations and technological advancements to deliver you the best protective gear.

It is important to choose the correct type of body armor to get the best possible protection. We make different types of body armor to suit different levels of threats. When looking for a ballistic plate, make sure to check the ballistic protection levels that each product is assigned based on the different rounds the plate can stop. If you need protection against handgun rounds, consider buying Level III-A vests. For those who need even higher level protection, it is best to get rigid plates that are made using materials like steel, ceramics or UHMWPE. Besides bullet protection, we also offer products that provide edge blade protection. Most vests we offer are spike and stab-proof to protect from edged weapons, such as knives, axes, and broken bottles.


Hard & Soft Body Armor Ft. Worth

When it comes to buying body armor, you need to first understand the types of armor available and their protection level. Typically, there are two main types of body armor soft and hard body armor panels. The soft body armor is used for protection against pistols and knives while the rigid body armor is typically used to protect against rifle projectiles. At Extant Armor, we offer both hard and soft armor to help you easily find a product according to your safety needs.

As a specialist in body armor and tactical gear, we offer a wide range of personal protection gear for military applications, as well as civilians. Our ultimate aim is to save lives and prevent fatal injuries. Moreover, we strive to ensure that buying body armor isn’t expensive for civilians. Whether you need a bulletproof and stab-proof vest or ballistic helmet, we are experts in providing affordable yet effective safety solutions. The ballistic armor and tactical gear we manufacture are tested and certified to international standards, and we conduct all of our official testing at an NIJ accredited independent testing laboratory.

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