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Hoplite Level 3+ Steel Ballistic Plate
  • Hoplite Level 3+ Steel Ballistic Plate



    The price listed is for one plate for most plate carriers you will need two plates. 


    Our Extant Hoplite Steel level 3+ plates are rated to stop up to .308 as well as all intermediary calibres including m855 and armor piercing 5.56 and 7.62x39. These are spall coated and will catch and redirect all the spall from impacting rounds. By our testing we have found that the spall coating can handle between 5-6 rounds before the spall coating ceases to function. Our Steel plates are single curve, Shooters cut, and multi-hit rated. They are 3.72 kg per plate. These plates are 10 mm thick and are 250x300mm which will fit any plate carrier designed for a 10x12 or a SAPI Medium. These plates use a proprietary coating system that provides anti-spall protection.



    Ballistic Steel Plate
     Color Black, customizable
     Unit weight 8.2lbs
     Protective area 0.075m2
    NIJ III+(10 mm)
     Ballistic LevelNIJ III+
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