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Peltast Level 3+ Lightweight AR 600 Steel Plate
  • Peltast Level 3+ Lightweight AR 600 Steel Plate



    AR600 Steel = Thinner and Lighter Plates.


    Our Peltast AR600 steel plates have allowed us to provide the same protection as the Hoplite AR500 but at significant savings in weight. Meaning that these are lighter and thinner compared to any other steel plates available on the market today. We are proud to say that these are made in the USA


    Our Peltast AR600 Steel Plates are rated to stop up to .308 as well as all intermediary calibres including m855 and armor piercing 5.56 and 7.62x39. Putting them at NIJ level 3+. To see a detailed breakdown of NIJ Levels, please click here.



    • Independently tested by an NIJ certified and NVLAP accredited laboratory to meet and exceed ballistic resistance as specified under NIJ Standard 0101.06
    • Lightweight
    • Thin
    • Standalone
    • Single Curve
    • Shooters Cut
    • Multi-hit
    • Drop Resistant
    • Proprietary coating system
    • Proudly made in USA


    The Peltast Level 3+ AR600 Steel plates use our proprietary coating system that protects the wearer against spalling for up to 6 shots*.


    These plates will fit any plate carrier designed for a 10x12 or a SAPI Medium plates.




    AR600 STEEL


    250x300mm/ 10”x12”


    Black/Light Blue

    Unit Weight (aprox)




    Ballistic Level

    NIJ III+


    All armour sales are final.

    Weight +/- 5%

    Thickness +/- 10%


    *Results vary depending on caliber.

    Peltast Level 3+ Lightweight AR 600 Steel Plate

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