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Urban Survival Pack
  • Urban Survival Pack


    We are proud to provide the first rifle rated backpack in the world. We wanted to provide a product that you can rely on when you need it. All the othere ballistic backpacks on the market only have built in pistol protection whereas we wanted to provide you the full range of protection afforded by an NIJ level 3 plate. We also didn;t want to compromise on weight and comfort and therefore chose to use an ultra light weight UHWMPE rifle plate. We have also steered clear of an overt tactical look as we wanted these bags to be able to be worn without standing out or calling any attention to the fact that they are armored. We believe that everyone has the right to protect their own life and therefore we made sure our bags are as affordable as possible. 


    Dimensions: 18"x5"x12" 

    Weight: UHMWPE 5lbs


    -Waterproof Exterior

    -Multiple interior compartments

    -USB port and cable 

    -Multiple discrete exterior pockets

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