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Body Armor & Tactical Gear San Antonio

Extant Armor specializes in offering a range of ballistic armor to suit whatever threat level you might encounter. As the most reliable source of body armor in San Antonio, our products are trusted by military, first responders, and civilians. We provide premium quality hard and soft body armors that are manufactured using the finest materials available. With years of experience in the armor industry, we have become capable of offering some of the lightest and most advanced armor plates and vests available today. We provide ballistic body armor in San Antonio in a range of materials, and threat levels. The products we offer meet the personal security needs of Law Enforcement and Military Personnel, as well as civilians working in high-risk areas.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone gets the protection they deserve. We keep improving our product range to ensure that the ballistic-resistant solutions we provide are capable of defeating a wide range of threats. From ballistic helmets for preventing head injuries to armor plates for protecting the torso, we have a complete range of body armor and tactical gear to keep you safe. The products we offer are designed by industry experts and manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery. Our team is constantly engaged in understanding the changing needs of our clients. We work closely with our customers to understand their threat level and suggest the right product to suit their specific needs.


Hard & Soft Body Armor San Antonio

At Extant Armor, we believe in meeting the varied needs of our customers. We understand that certain people prefer discreet armor while others need hard rifle rated ballistic armor. To ensure that everyone finds what they are looking for, we offer both hard and soft body armor in San Antonio. Our products are trusted by law enforcement agencies, as well as hunting enthusiasts because of their reliability, quality, and performance. We offer ballistic vests, armor plates, backpacks, helmets, tactical shields, and many more products. We focus on providing lightweight, comfortable body armor to provide you protection with comfort. Our armor plates and vests protect against ballistic, knife, and fragmentation threats. We never compromise with quality and always aim to ensure your survival in dangerous circumstances. Our body armors combine robust material with impeccable workmanship to ensure the best possible protection, comfort, and mobility. Irrespective of the type of armor you need, all our body armor products comply and exceed the industry’s quality specifications and standards. We offer products for different threat levels such as Level IIIa, Level III, and Level IV armor to help you find the right ballistic protection. The different threat level body armors are lab and field-tested to ensure that technical integrity is maintained. We are always available to discuss your threat level and recommend the right protective gear. Our staff is knowledgeable and courteous to carefully examine your needs and suggest the best available body armor.

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